What our customers have to say about us: 

Debikay J.

“eSana saves the day by saving me money AND time. I called our online doctor and got a prescription called in…$50.00 and 2 hours saved AND another $27 saved at the pharmacy. eSana U ROCK!”

Mary S.

“Just priced a prescription both my husband and I take daily, the results, our ‘regular’ big ins. co. prescription plan cost $100/mon. for each of us, eSana cost $54/mon. for each of us, savings 46%! woohoo!”

Christina P.

“I saved money on complete dental treatment for my mother by using eSana discount benefits thanks to smart practices like Great Oak Dental in Arlington, TX… We received quote for 2,100.00 and paid $1471.00 total savings $629.00”.

Jessica B.

Thanks to eSana, I was relieved of almost $7,000 in hospital bills. When I went to the ER for my shoulder back in August I received exams, x-rays, and an MRI totally almost $7,000! I called the Medical Advocate with my eSana coverage and they started the process. Salem Hospital dropped the ball numerous times, they took 4 months to process my paperwork and even sent me to collections (even though THEY had not processed my paperwork!) But the Medical Advocate did all that I expected and managed to get my ER visit covered 100%! I did not have to pay a penny! NOT A SINGLE PENNY! eSanas products and services are amazing; the medical advocate at Karis Group, Elyse, was easy to work with and kept in regular contact. Two thumbs up!” 

Erin F.

“Telemedicine is awesome! I have used the services for both myself and my son during times at which we just couldn’t make into a doctor’s office. Calling in and giving your medical history assessment is easy. After describing symptoms to the nurse and being told a doctor would call me back within an hour, 15-30 minutes later I received that call. The doctor took all of 5 minutes to make the diagnosis and recommend the prescription drug that he would call in for me at my local Wal-Mart pharmacy. The entire experience from that initial call to actually going to Wal-Mart to pick up my Rx was about 2 hours! Telemedicine is one of the best add on’s eSana could have made. Hassle free and low cost when I needed it the most, Thanks Telemedicine!”

Desmond W.

“Thank you eSana ! I had to have 3 root canals and saved a total of $1500.00, I had to go to the Emergency Room for a cut finger and tetnus shot. I went to a local private hospital in Irving, Las Colinas Medical. I was treated for my cut given an antibiotic and Tetnus shot. When I checked out I gave her my eSana card. The total visit was $1203.00 dollars my discount was $1033.00 I paid a total of $170.00 When I went to fill my prescription it was $137.00 I paid $26.00 a savings of $4140.00 WOW ! I even got a $250.00 discount at Walgreens on medicine ! I love eSana and so happy to be a member.” Frances B.
“I got admitted into Wake Medical Center in Raleigh, NC for 3 days. My bill came to $13,000. Through eSana’s Hospital Advocacy program, my bill went to $0. Thank you eSana!”

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