What our customers have to say about us: 

“I just want to share a powerful testimony on how much money I saved on my medication with eSana. I had an abscess in my gums on last week. I went to the ER and the doctor prescribed me two different kinds of medication. One for the infection and the second one for the pain. My husband went to the Pharmacy to fill my prescriptions. He gave them the 2 prescription as well as our prescription card from ESana. When he arrived to pick up my medication, he asked the cashier how much is it she said $60.00. He asked her how much did he save. She stated it was $120.00 and you only paid half. He said oh thank you very much. Medical Services at a Discounted Price is Excellent for those who would like to save on all of their Services, Medical, Dental Vision, Chiropractor Care and Of course last but Definitely not least on ALL of your MEDICATIONS!” 

Tanya W.

“Thanks to eSana, I was relieved of almost $7,000 in hospital bills. When I went to the ER for my shoulder back in August I received exams, x-rays, and an MRI totally almost $7,000! I called the Medical Advocate with my eSana coverage and they started the process. Salem Hospital dropped the ball numerous times, they took 4 months to process my paperwork and even sent me to collections (even though THEY had not processed my paperwork!) But the Medical Advocate did all that I expected and managed to get my ER visit covered 100%! I did not have to pay a penny! NOT A SINGLE PENNY! eSanas products and services are amazing; the medical advocate at Karis Group, Elyse, was easy to work with and kept in regular contact. Two thumbs up!”

Jessica B.

“I went to CVS yesterday to pick up a prescription for my daughter. Her mother has one of the bigger name insurance agencies in the area. I asked for the script and the attendant came back with it and said that will be $99. I asked her if she ran the insurance card and she said “yes, it was $170 before I ran the insurance”. I said “Wow, do me a favor and forget the insurance and try this card” as I handed her my AP card. She ran the card and said, rather loudly “Wow, I never saw this before…that will be $57″. All of the other staff behind the counter heard her remark and started asking questions about where I got the card. So, I explained to them briefly and they wanted more info and may be interested in joining.”

William H.

“I was exploring eSana’s “Price My Prescription” website to price a medication I take daily. I knew already that, without insurance, the medication costs $9000+ for a 90 day supply. At eSana, one offer was for $5410. Another offer for a generic brand was $752 for a 90-day supply, which will save me well over a whopping $8,000! Thank you, eSana!” Todd B.
“I went to Woodland Smiles Dentistry today and presented my eSana card for an exam and cleaning for my 12 year old daughter. Woodland Smiles has been our dentist for the past several years and we had not been able to go for about a year due to lack of insurance. eSana gave us the opportunity to do preventative dental care again. Sarah’s dentist normally charges $75.00 for an exam but with eSana it only cost $20.00, the cleaning is normally $104.00, but with eSana’s teal discount I only had to Pay $76.00.”

Lynn B.

“Telemedicine is awesome! I have used the services for both myself and my son during times at which we just couldn’t make into a doctor’s office. Calling in and giving your medical history assessment is easy. After describing symptoms to the nurse and being told a doctor would call me back within an hour, 15-30 minutes later I received that call. The doctor took all of 5 minutes to make the diagnosis and recommend the prescription drug that he would call in for me at my local Wal-Mart pharmacy. The entire experience from that initial call to actually going to Wal-Mart to pick up my Rx was about 2 hours! Telemedicine is one of the best add on’s eSana could have made. Hassle free and low cost when I needed it the most, Thanks Telemedicine!”

Erin F.

“Thank you eSana ! I had to have 3 root canals and saved a total of $1500.00, I had to go to the Emergency Room for a cut finger and tetnus shot. I went to a local private hospital in Irving, Las Colinas Medical. I was treated for my cut given an antibiotic and Tetnus shot. When I checked out I gave her my eSana card. The total visit was $1203.00 dollars my discount was $1033.00 I paid a total of $170.00 When I went to fill my prescription it was $137.00 I paid $26.00 a savings of $4140.00 WOW ! I even got a $250.00 discount at Walgreens on medicine ! I love eSana and so happy to be a member.” Frances B.
“I got admitted into Wake Medical Center in Raleigh, NC for 3 days. My bill came to $13,000. Through eSana’s Hospital Advocacy program, my bill went to $0. Thank you eSana!”

Desmond W.

about $30. Pulled out my eSana card for the first time, and it only cost me $10…I will definitely take that $20 savings any day!” Lisa W.
“I love eSana’s Telemedicine Service! Within 1 hour I spoke to the doctor over the phone, got diagnosed and he called in a script to my pharmacy. I picked up my antibiotic and took my first dose for $21.00! The first time you call in starts a file for you just like your PCP office has for you. Don’t have to miss work to run to the doctor’s office anymore, saves me time and money!”

Jamie B.

“eSana saved me so much money. I take medications daily and found out that without insurance it costs about 10 times more. Thank you! I’ve already recommended you to all my friends and especially your health benefit plans.” Morris C.
“I was so excited to save money on my son’s braces. My in network Orthodontist was able to coordinate with my Cigna which gave me $1000, and eSana was able to add an additional $1300 for a grand total of $2300 off of my $4500 braces expenses! YEAH!”

Laurie K. NYC, NY

“Thanks to eSana. Through their phenominal Hospital Advocacy, they saved me $4000 in emergency room fees at Rex Hospital I incurred in Decemeber 2012/January 2013. I had no out of pocket costs for my hospital bills. Even traditional insurance won’t do that! I feel so blessed to be a part of this awesome business to not just have the services for myself and my family, but to also help millions of other families suffering from the current healthcare crisis.” 

Alesha W.

“Just got off the phone with one of the physicians with Telemedicine and an antibiotic eye drop will be at the pharmacy in 20 minutes for Elijah.. He had a sudden onset of pink eye. Seriously LOVE this plan..don’t have to drag my kids out to a dr. office, cheaper then my regular co-pay, faster service & better bedside manner from the doctor. He ACTUALLY takes his time with me on the phone even though its 11pm.” 

Laurie K.

“Medical (pediatrician): regular price $75, ESana price $52 Medical (GP): regular price (first visit) $220, ESana price $130 Dental cleaning (no x-rays): regular price $140, ESana price $50 Blood work/strep test: regular price $130, ESana price $22 Chest x-ray: regular price $140, ESana price $40 Lots of blood tests: regular price over $900, ESana price $200 Dental cleaning: regular price $140, ESana price $50 Dental crown: regular price $1100, ESana price $565.” 

Sheila B.

“Just got off the phone with one of the physicians with Telemedicine and an antibiotic eye drop will be at the pharmacy in 20 minutes for Elijah.. He had a sudden onset of pink eye. Seriously LOVE this plan..don’t have to drag my kids out to a dr. office, cheaper then my regular co-pay, faster service & better bedside manner from the doctor. He ACTUALLY takes his time with me on the phone even though its 11pm.” 

Laurie K.

“I *LOVE* Telemedicine! Called eSana’s telemedicine service this morning as I have a yucky sore throat. The DR called back within a few minutes and consulted me over the phone. As it turns out, I did not need a RX but just some OTC meds. The DR told me exactly which ones I need and was very helpful. So this call saved me a lot of time and money! Would you like access to speak with a DR available 24 / 7 for advice, diagnosis or RX?” 

Laura H.

“I was stung 5+ times yesterday by bees. Did usual at home remedies…ice, cortizone, etc. Woke up today with right hand completely swollen even going up my arm. Called tele-doc and a steroid prescription was called in to CVS, where I also can use my ‘traditional insurance.’
eSana drs visit 17.50 + prescription 15.00 = 32.50
Regular Insurance Drs visit 75.00 + prescription 25.00 = 100.00
No Inurance Drs visit 120.00 + prescription 56.00= 176.00
savings eSana vs Reg Ins. 67.50
savings eSana vs No Ins. 143.50
Thank you eSana!” 

Mary S.

“I recently saved $63 using Telemedicine when my 6 year old was home sick. He had a high temperature and I had no way to take him to his pediatrician and then sit with him waiting, hoping not to get others sick. Instead I called Telemedicine and after going over my son’s medical history I spoke with a U.S. based doctor who offered great suggestions and let me know a rx wasn’t needed at that time. I’m thankful eSana offers a program like this to everyone across the U.S.A.” 

Debbie H.

“Save money and make money – I love eSana. Right before Easter, I had to go to the dentist for a deep cleaning. I just got our bill and eSana has done it again! The total cost for this was $l,024 but with our eSana discount, which totaled $620, we only have to pay $404. There is no company out there that has the discounts we have!” 

Pam and Jerry M.

“Without eSana Health I would have paid $547, with it I only paid $132, a savings of $415! Not only that but he faxed over all information to the lab, gave me instructions to fast and provided me with a location only a few miles from my house. The whole process went very smoothly. My belief in this product has soared.” 

Amber M.

“In August I went to LensCrafters Palm Desert Ca. to have vision check up and purchase new glasses and used my Dental and Vision card the total bill came to $663.40 and I received $231.50 discount I paid $431.70 out of pocket thats about 50% savings.I’m living proof that it pays to sign up with eSana Dental, Health cost saving plans.”  

Lyle M.

“I used my eSana benefits yesterday evening for the first time. I was shocked! My prescription medication was cut in half by eSana! Very happy to be joining this team! I have medical insurance already but eSana helps with what my insurance won’t cover.” 

Heather H.

“I saved money on complete dental treatment for my mother by using eSana discount benefits thanks to smart practices like Great Oak Dental in Arlington, TX… We received quote for 2,100.00 and paid $1471.00 total savings $629.00”. 

Christina P.

“I went to the doctor’s office on Friday. The medicine she prescribed was not covered by my Part D Medicare prescription plan and was about $68.00. I had Walgreens use eSana since it wasn’t covered and it was a little over $27.00. That was a $41.00 savings!” 

Linda L.

“My frames went from $162.00 down to $96.00 and my lenses went from $240.00 to $123.00. I saved a total of $183.00 on my frames and lenses by using ESana. That came out to be a 45% savings on my new glasses.” 

Susan G.

“eSana saves the day by saving me money AND time. I called our online doctor and got a prescription called in…$50.00 and 2 hours saved AND another $27 saved at the pharmacy. eSana U ROCK!” 

Debikay J.

“Just priced a prescription both my husband and I take daily, the results, our ‘regular’ big ins. co. prescription plan cost $100/mon. for each of us, eSana cost $54/mon. for each of us, savings 46%! woohoo!” 

Mary S.

“Thanks to eSana USA, my bill at the eye doctor came to $600 including eye exam, 1 month supply of contact lenses, designer frames, and lens, and I only paid $320. Thank you eSana!” 

Shelia R.

“My blood pressure medication is usually $100/mo., but got started with eSana dental plus, and only pay $30/mo. for my blood pressure medicine! Thank you eSana!” 

Shannon H.

“My wife’s doctor changed her Diabetic prescription. Her bill would have been $44. With eSana she paid $6.Love eSana!” 

Patrick H.

“My mother saved a total of $800 with her dentures at aspen dental, Thank you ESana.” 

Debbie H.

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